To be sick or not to be sick…….

I have had a sore throat off and on for about two months. I hesitated going to the doctor because I have many days of slight sore throats due to allergies, ( allergic to some plants in paradise, mildew and the volcanic vog) and asthma. Yesterday I woke early and decided to go to the local urgent care to check out this throat. You guessed it…..Strep.

I am home today on sick leave, not because I feel too sick to go to the office, but because if  you tell someone you have strep, it sounds like you have the plague,  not to mention that others don’t want to catch it.   So even in Paradise, we have to call in sick and take “horse pills” and rest.  I don’t have air conditioning, we rely on the tradewinds for that, but this house design was built for mainlanders I  am guessing. No windows facing the ocean breezes, and small windows at that.

I will return to work tomorrow. Humidity, allergens, and much work to do in the office  require it.  But for today,  Chico has a playmate, I am typing, and there is a slight breeze coming in my home office window. Most of all there is SUN today! This is the Hilo side, if you know what that means.


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