My Chicago road trip continues

The trip by car from Burley, Idaho to Chicago, Illinois took three days one way. We decided to avoid I-80 for the most part as it is rumored to be less than scenic. I would recommend anyone take the state highways instead, as we did.  They are well maintained roads and often just two lane, but take you through cool little villages and towns and lots of interesting scenery. Eastern Wyoming and Nebraska, well, the natural gas wells are sort of interesting. Being of Mormon heritage, we had to make a stop at the Chimney Rock visitor’s center in the flat plains of Nebraska.

We found the best rest stops to be in Iowa!  I included several photos of their great rest stops; they often have greenery and even a kiddie playground. Eastern Iowa was much more lush and green with rolling hill, than I imagined. But to enjoy those lush green rolling hills we had to first traverse the great states of Wyoming and Nebraska.

We spent the first night in Casper/Evansville, Wyoming after having driven though the breathtaking scenery of the  Tetons and Jackson. We found the Comfort Inn chains to be clean and yes, comfortable with a special deal to stay three nights and get a $50. gift card to spend!  I’m all for a good deal.  My Ex and I haven’t spoken more than a few words in years, but we let our guard down enough to walk next door to a restaurant and splurge on shrimp. Awkward, yes, belly full and separate checks,  worth it.

The second night was spent after a long day’s drive, in Council Bluffs, Iowa, just over the river from Omaha, Nebraska. As it was dark by the time we arrived, we used our GPS to guide us to our booked hotel, not knowing it would be “under renovation” and smell a little funky . The pool was closed due to renovation but we were too tired to take advantage of swimming.  The room was large and so spacious, I was able to designate the sofa sleeper for my Ex. It had a bonus retaining wall between the two queen beds where the queens slept, and the sofa, second TV area.  For the money, it was comfortable, especially with our needs. It was fun to look out our ground floor window and enjoy several fluffy rabbits hopping around the lawn of the hotel.

Next post, off to Iowa and Chicago!