Pets are like people…..

I love people and love my pets, in fact pets are like people…… they  need love, boundaries, fun, food, and rest.

My recent addition to my household, my African Grey parrot, finally has a name!   Tweety Bird. This name was chosen in honor of all of us surviving the election year of 2016 and the Twitter tweet issue as well as the fact that I just love the Looney Toons cartoon character Tweety.  As a child I enjoyed the little innocent bird in a cage, stating things like ” I tawt I taw a puddy tat!” I always felt Tweety was innocent but with a little mischievous side in him.

My Tweety Bird,  an imposing figure in his new bird cage, compared to my other birds, both cockateils , definitely has a strong personality and looks at my Chico chihuahua much the same as Tweety cartoon looks at the dangerous “puddy tat” lurking just outside his cage. I was drawn to African Greys for their famed intelligence, and was excited to find that in just one week in my home, Tweety could already “wolf whistle” as well as make many other strange and interesting sounds. At ten months of age, it will be fun to see what else he learns to say and do. Let’s hope Tweety does not learn to bark like Chico, that might be too much  for me.


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