The Real Road Trip

DSC02497.JPGIn August this year I took a real road trip. Not just a trip across this island all the way  to Costco.  A real drive- for- days road trip across four states.

The plan was to go meet my seventh grandchild, a newborn baby boy , first born of my youngest son and daughter in law.  The plan was that I would fly into Idaho from Hawaii, ride with my adult daughter and share expenses from Idaho to Chicago, where the darling  three week old baby lives and to a city we had never been to.

I look forward with great excitement each year for my annual trip “off the rock” (Paradise) and to see all my children, grandchildren and loved ones on the “mainland.” My two weeks get away from work and other peoples’ problems as well as the change in scenery and renewing family bonds is a life saver for me. But here is nothing simple about a simple flight to Boise, Idaho.

I finished work at 5:00 pm on Tuesday and was dropped off at  our little airport in Hilo to begin my much anticipated adventure. It was hot, humid, and the sofas smelled of a wet baby diaper, mildew combo. We eventually boarded for the fifty minute  flight from Hilo to Honolulu, then a wait of two hours until I could get soaring over the “big pond” for five hours landing in San Fransisco. A wait again and then the last remaining flight to Boise.

Flying is fun you say. Flying is an adventure. Flying sucks. I have a fear of using the lavatory (correct term of airplane pee spot?) so I have not used one in six years!  I should not have watched “Castaway”. Ever since that scene in the plane where the lavatory blows up I have been determined to never use one again!  How do I manage the over five hours of non-stop flight over the Pacific?  No Diet Dr. Pepper for hours before or during the flight. Sip only enough water to keep my throat from drying up and try to nap to make the flight seem faster. I did it!   No blowing up in the bathroom on this trip!

To be continued………